The Computer Science Club is a new club for New Zealand students in Years 7 to 10 who enjoy working with computers, and wish to learn to program, or extend their programming skills and explore the field of computer science! The club is organised by the Department of Computer Science at the University of Canterbury in Christchurch, New Zealand.

2014 Update 2

Dear parents and caregivers of Computer Science Club members,

Over the last few months we have been planning on how to restart the Computer Science Club in 2014 but also bring the learning experience to many more around the country due to the increasing demand. We have now changed focus and have joined forces with the New Zealand Institute of IT Professionals (IITP) to focus on developing a computer science badge system and supporting resources for school students that any club can run, instead of running a limited number of clubs in Christchurch.

We hope new and existing computer clubs in Christchurch and around the country will adopt this new system. These may be run during school lunchtimes, after school, at libraries, universities, or at workplaces in the IT industry. We will be helping establish these clubs around New Zealand, and once clubs start our website will list available clubs.

We aim to have several clubs running the Computer Science Badge system by the end of Term 2. Keep tuned to the website at for more information over the coming weeks.

Thank you for your patience,

Jack Morgan and the rest of the Computer Science Education Research Group at the University of Canterbury

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